The laboratory veterinarian assumes a central role in the management of laboratory animals, the application of animal protection and the 3Rs principle (replace, reduce, refine) and supports researchers in the planning, execution and monitoring of animal experiments.

Postgraduate recognition in the field of laboratory animal science for the title of specialised veterinarian Dipl. SVLAS (Diplomate Specialised Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science) represents a certification of professional skills based on a catalogue of competences. The Swiss Association of Veterinarian in Industry and Research (SAVIR) awards the Swiss title of Diplomate Specialised Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science / Dipl. SVLAS. This postgraduate education represents a recognition of professional competences according to the corresponding catalogue of competences.

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Conditions for your registration

The SVLAS secretary will decide upon any exceptions in agreement with the credential committee.

  • Place of residence or work in Switzerland
  • Federal diploma or diploma in veterinary medicine recognised in Switzerland
  • Active SAVIR membership
  • Basic training (module 1 or 20 in Switzerland) or equivalent training that is officially recognised in Switzerland
  • Training as an experimental animal study director (LTK module 2 in Switzerland) or equivalent training officially recognised in Switzerland
  • If no official recognition has been made, the Training Department of LTK-ETHZ «Swiss Network on Education in Laboratory Animal Science» will evaluate this training”
  • At least 4 years of experience as an experimenter and/or study director in Switzerland or abroad

How to get the title

If you fulfill the conditions to start the program, you can register via the secretary of SVLAS.  The following schematic diagram illustrates the full process of awarding the title.

Step 1

During the year

Register for Dipl.SVLAS – Hand in your application to the secretary. If you meet all conditions, you will receive a confirmation including a template of the catalogue of competences plus a list of available mentors who can help you through the full process.

Step 2

Write catalogue of competences & mentorship

During the year

Fill out the template of the catalogue of competences and prepare required pdf attachments. If you want you may get support from a mentor (not mandatory).

Step 3

Submission of Catalogue of competences

Deadline  15thOctober

Hand in your catalogue of competences. Make sure that you send a complete dossier. Incomplete dossiers will be rejected and you will have to wait for the next round in the following year. The support of the mentor is recommended to ensure that you put everything together what is needed.

Step 4

Letter of admission

End of February

The SVLAS secretary will inform you if you have met the requirements or not. If you are permitted to the exam by the SVLAS Credential Committee, you will receive further information on the exam and required preparatory work (2 ppt presentations on concrete topics). Confirm the date of the exam within 4 weeks.

Step 5

June / July

The exam includes 2 power point presentations on topics of your identified weakest competences (duration 30min each). The examination board may ask questions related to these talks but also related to other questions. If you pass the oral exam, you will be awarded. Otherwise you may repeat the exam the next year.


Applicants must register by providing the following information to the training secretariat:

Depending on the needs, the training secretariat may, in agreement with the credential committee, ask for additional information. Upon confirmation by the training secretariat that all conditions are met (this includes the payment of registration fees), applicants will be informed in writing of their registration in post-graduation recognition. The training secretariat ensures the candidate receives the list of mentors holding the title (Dipl. SVLAS).


Mentors may support you with the full process especially with the completion of the catalogue of competences including its attachments. There is no obligation to use a mentor for the candidate; it is only a possibility that is offered to the candidate. If your registration is accepted, the SVLAS secretary will provide you a list of available mentors you can independently contact and ask for their support. The mentor support agreement must be confirmed by signing a statement of consent that you must send to the training secretariat.

How to find a mentor? Have a look at the list of title holders.

Mentors cannot be involved in admission and examination and must in this case recuse themselves (for admission and examination).

Please note that all holders of the title (Dipl. SVLAS) must be available as mentors for candidates on request. Exceptions to this rule may be accepted and must be justified and authorised by the training secretary after discussion with the two committees.

Catalogue of competences

After your registration, you will receive a Catalogue of competences template. Please use this template to create your file. It must be delivered in digital form (.PDF format). The full dossier will include:

It is recommended to use the support of a mentor in order to make sure that all relevant information and attachments are compiled.

Please note that you have to hand in your dossier by 15thof October latest. Subsequent submissions will not be considered in the ongoing examination round.

The Credential Board will evaluate your dossier. If it is considered sufficient, you will be admitted to the oral exam. By end of February, the SVLAS secretary will inform you (and your mentor) about the positive decision of the Credential Board. If the decision is against you, you (and your mentor) will be informed about the reasons for the negative decision. You may re-apply after one year.

Exam & diploma

By end of February, the SVLAS secretary will inform you about the positive decision of the Credential Board that decides for 2 topics you will be asked to give a power point presentation about (of 30 minutes each) during the oral exam. You will be informed about the concrete titles of both talks.

The oral exam will be taken by 2-3 examining experts in June/July. The examination will be about the topics of your talk but may also include other relevant fields of laboratory animal science veterinary work.

If you pass the exam, you will be awarded and allowed to use the title Dipl.SVLAS (Diplomate Specialised Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science). If you do not pass, you may repeat the oral exam in the next year.

Duties as title holder
Please note the following with regard to the validity/recertification of the title and your responsibilities as title holder:

For more detailed information please refer to Rules.


The awarding process of the Dipl.-SVLAS title is in line with the SVLAS Rules you may find in German, French and English. Note that in case of interpretation problems, the German language version shall prevail.

Reglement D

Rules E

Règlement F


The full and timely payment of fees is an integral part of the postgraduate recognition in the field of laboratory animal science for obtaining the title Dipl. SVLAS (Diplomate Specialised Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science). Fees must be paid before the granting of the title.

Fees include:

In addition, please take into account that you will have to be an active member of SAVIR in order to be re-certified as title holder.

For more detailed information please refer to Rules.


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